An evening with Gloria Steinem

Emma Watson interviewed Gloria Steinem, author of "My Life on the Road", at How To: Academy in London.

Rebecca Corbin-Murray took care of Emma's look this time letting us know her outfit earlier via instagram.

We have a some pictures in good quality taken arriving at Emmanuel Centre and during the interview.

The interview was recorded and it will be shared on OurSharedShelf later.

Waiting for a video we have some quotes by Emma:

"I used to hate that I had strong eyebrows. As a nine-year-old I desperately wated to pluck them and make them two thin lines but you come to embrace these things. My mother desperately tried to tell me that they gave my face character, don't be ashamed."

"I feel as though Ispent a long time trying to pretend I was not like Hermione and, of course, I was rather like Hermione. I've finally come to accetp the fact."

"How different would the world be if there were women involved in peacekeeping and treaties and negotiations? I think the world would be really, really different"

About changing the word feminism:

"It's not the word that matters, it's the meaning".

"When I was younger I felt very panicked when someone was emotional or having a hard time because I thought my role was to find a way to find a way to fix it as quickly as possible, to try and get them to stop crying. This yould give a panicky feeling because often I wouldn't have the right answers. I came to realise that often the kindest and most meaningful thing I could do was to just witness somebody else that moment, not necessarily hug them or give them tissues, sit and be comfortable with someone else in their difficult moments. It set me free and I hope helped me be a better friend."

"I started HeForShe to create a conversation that felt inclusive as I felt like feminism was becoming synonymous with man-hating, which is totally incorrect."


Video is now available! It was made the youtube channel "Our Shared Shelf Group" so there will be more in future probably. Make sure to subscribe.