November 2015

Emma Watson for Vogue Italia

Emma Watson in 10 new pictures promotional pictures + 2 BTS for Colonia

Emma Watson on Porter December Issue

January 2016

Our Shared Shelf - the feminism book club

Colonia Junket Press

Emma Watson at Davos for HeForShe

Emma Watson will be at Colonia premiere in Berlin

Colonia release date and poster + regression new pictures


February 2016

Our Shared Shelf - second book + new Colonia promotional stills

Our Shared Shelf reaches 100.000 members

New Colonia trailer and more

A Gap Year

An evening with Gloria Steinem

March 2016

Our Shared Shelf third book and Esquire Uk

Our Shared Shelf fourth book and Elle Spain outtakes

Hitrecord, Technology is like a Superpower


April 2016

Our Shared Shelf fifth book

Geena Davis talks to Emma Watson for Interview Magazine


May 2016

A Woman in White.. House Correspondents' Association Dinner

Met Gala 2016 - Sustainability of Fashion

Emma Watson interviews Caitlin Moran

Our Shared Sheld sixth book and Total Film

Red Nose Day 2016


June 2016

Promoting Camfed and Persepolis

Lean In Together

Emma Watson: "Belle is one of my first tastes of feminism"

Emma Watson on Lorraine - June 29th, 2016


July 2016

Our Shared Shelf summer book and Grazia Uk

The Cursed Child

International Birth Control Access

Emma Watson: "I fell in love with Belle"


August 2016

Emma Watson interviews Marjane Satrapi

From Where I Stand

Our Shared Shef autumn book

Teenage Britain's top star

The World's Largest Lesson 2016 n.2


September 2016

Beauty and the Beast Table Read - Emma Watson speaks as Belle

Emma Watson inteviews Nicholas Kristof And Sheryl WuDunn

Emma Watson asks you to complete the #FromwhereIStand survey

HeForShe Turns Two

One Young World Summit 2016